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Spam, spam, spam, spam

Paul Saffo pointed me to this short story by Terry Bisson, “They’re Made of Meat.”

It’s a funny piece, and even a slightly stimulating reflection on the limits of our ability to recognize intelligence when it’s very different from our own (something I’m sure my cats think a lot about, as they often adopt a “he seems to be trying to communicate” confused look when I talk to them).


  1. I’ve had this piece in my ‘found on the net’ archives for years, but never knew the author. It was fun to read it again, thanks for the enlightening post 😉

    BTW, I like the new typepad digs. Guess I gotta update your link…

  2. You’re up late!

    And I quite like TypePad, too. I was always a big MT partisan once I discovered the system, but I haven’t missed the old MT interface at all. Now I just need to write more….

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