I’m at Stanford this morning, to meet with a couple colleagues (maybe I can call them that). I got here early, went to the Art History library, fired up my laptop, and got online. (Stanford has a pretty tight security system that requires you to register the MAC address of your card; fortunately, since I’ve still got an affiliation with the STS program, I could get access.) I used to come here to use specific resources, usually in the library, and often still do that (mainly archival stuff); but increasingly, the stuff I need is online, but accessible only to Stanford people.

As a result, I’m starting to think of the campus as one giant hotspot, and as long as I can get a signal, I can get to the stuff I need. I no longer need to go to Green; getting within the vicinity is good enough.

Mike Keller, the university librarian, is walking past. Mike’s about the most energetic and charismatic person I’ve ever worked for. He’s also a madman, in a good way. It’s amazing to me that the guy isn’t a senator or four-star general. (Though given how big the Stanford Library system is, and how influential it is in the library and information science world, he may have more influence in this job than in those.)