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A… unique… read on “Lord of the Rings”

A friend forwarded this weird, rather disturbed piece on “Lord of the Rings” popularity being a manifestation of white pride (or White Pride, as it seems to be normally spelled by its adherents):

[I]s Lord of the Rings just another set of films, or are White moviegoers connecting with it in ways they may not even understand? With guilt for our own culture being pushed into our brains from an early age, are Whites seeking out a fantasy culture in the films that it is okay to defend and be proud of?…

The key element of the film is the obviously European nature of the races defending the Western world and its culture from the growing dark hordes of Orcs that seek to conquer and destroy it….

Talk about every decoding being another encoding!

For this analysis to work, shouldn’t the great Eye of Sauron have been more slanted? It’s got a cat’s eye pupil, but otherwise isn’t notably epicanthic….

[What’s playing? Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass, “Meeting Along the Edge,” from the album Passages.]


  1. Of course they are connecting to it in ways they don’t understand. Clearly this is a story by and for foot fetishists. Notice that the protagonist spends the entire movie with his endowments showing.

    It seems the Italian fascists also love the Ring:

    Doesn’t seem to mesh well with Mussolini’s early involvement with the futurist movement–not a group that was much into the simple pleasures of nature–but I suppose consistency is over-rated.

  2. Excellent! It’s especially interesting that Italian fascists would like the film, given that Tolkien was writing during World War II– i.e., when England was at war with the fascists!

    But perhaps it’s just proof of the timeless universality of Great Works, which speak to us through the ages of eternal verities and deep moral lessons.

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