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Dewey Ballantine, our neighbor

Across the street from our local (yay!) Ikea (okay, across 101) is a big law office that was first occupied by a Silicon Valley firm that flamed out spectacularly. (Incredibly, I don’t remember their name any longer. I’m truly going native!– No wait, it was Brobeck.) The office is now occupied by Dewey Ballantine, which reports is in a bit of a brouhah over

an employee [who] sent a firmwide e-mail advertising the availability of some puppies for adoption. Douglas Getter, a London-based American who heads Dewey Ballantine’s European mergers and acquisitions practice then sent a firmwide reply.

“Please don’t let these puppies go to a Chinese restaurant!” Getter wrote in his e-mail….

Monday’s incident also provides yet another example of a workplace gaffe magnified by an e-mail “reply all” command.

I thought it was Koreans who had turned dogs into a culinary delicacy.

Update: A Sinologist friend of mine tells me that, in fact, canines are on the menu in China, at least in the northeast in the winter.


  1. But they only eat *stupid* dogs. This I have on authority from a number of graduate students from both countries. In particular, a breed of dog that (at least among Koreans in Japan) was simply called “red dogs.”

    Besides, they don’t eat puppies! That would be sick! It would be like eating baby cows or something ;).

  2. “Red dog.” That sounds like a microbrew, or possibly a movie co-starring Dolph Lundgren and Michael Dudikoff.

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