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Fun with Zempt

Words that are missing from the Zempt spell-checker: blogging, Zempt.

I guess it must be some generic list of words that it’s checking against. Or so I hope!


  1. I am trying Zempt too. It is a tool that has promise, but needs a bit of work. The dictionary is one issue – and you can’t add to it, even though it says you can. Sometimes there are weird errors when you are trying to post things. I can’t edit posts as there is a problem with the interface with TypePad.

    But the UI is clean and, when it works correctly, I like it. Hopefully it will improve when it hists version 1.

  2. I’ve been noticing the dictionary updating problem too, and I can’t seem to retrieve posts from TypePad. However, I have hopes for the program. Increasingly I find myself turning to blog editors, rather than the Web interface (even one as good as TypePad).

  3. You cannot edit existing TypePad posts with Zempt. It’s a known issue. Since Zempt was developed before TypePad and TypePad uses a slightly different API format, it’s a minor miracle that Zempt works with it at all.

    And yes, it’s a generic dictionary. It’s also available in two dozen other languages. There are lots of blog-related words that aren’t in the dictionary. You can let us know what words you think belong in the dictionary at

  4. I don’t want to appear too critical of Zempt: it does the basic work of letting you easily write blog entries online or off, and I’m finding it to generally be pretty stable. So I can live with known problems, and think it’s a strong enough program to deserve to be improved.

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