From a recent post:

As a graduate student, I took a seminar with Tom Furness. Before he came to Seattle to run the HITLab, Furness designed advanced cockpit systems for the Air Force. One of the greatest dangers to pilots was something pretty dumb: forgetting to put the gear down before landing. In a very busy cockpit, it was essential that such an error get (to use a computer analogue) a higher interupt value. The warning had to rise above the cacophony and flashing lights of an already crowded informational area. After trying a wide variety of approaches, they found the one that would work.

Engineers recorded a message from a test pilot’s daughter, with the sound coming as a whisper from behind the left ear: “Daddy, put the gear down or you will crash.” When Tom tells the story, it gives you shudders to think of it, and that was exactly the intent.

It would get my attention.

[To the tune of Miles Davis, “Orbits,” from the album Miles Smiles.]