I can’t really watch it any more because it would be a bad influence on the children, but this bit shows the essential brilliance of The Simpsons:

[Marge, Bart, and Lisa go to their local “Bookaccino” superbookstore.]

LISA: I’m going up to the fourth floor, where the books are!

BART: I’m going to taunt the Ph.Ds!

[Bart approaches the three workers at the espresso bar, all of whom wear glasses and bored expressions.]

BART: Hey guys! I heard a new assistant professorship just opened up!

[Ph.D’d baristas gasp and lean forward eagerly.]

BART: Yes, that’s right. At the University of … PSYCH!

There but for the grace of God….

[noticed by Household Opera, via Invisible Adjunct]

[To the tune of Wynton Marsalis, “Just Friends,” from the album Live at Blues Alley (Disc 1).]