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For those haven’t been following it, there’s a really interesting Capitol Hill scandal in the making, over the theft– well, let’s say unauthorized access– of several thousand documents by Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The story is heating up because the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms is about to release his report on the affair, which is likely to recommend a criminal investigation.

I’d not been playing much attention to the affair until Dahlia Lithwick wrote about it, and Slate ran an article on how conservative activists are attacking Orrin Hatch (Orrin Hatch! conservative activists! attacking! Orrin Hatch!) for letting the investigation proceed. This morning Josh Marshall has a piece on how Republican senators are telling those activists to back down.

Now that the Kerrysex rumors have pretty much withered, and we have a few days until the March 2 primaries, we can spend our political attention on this. At least until Michael Jackson tries to hijack a plane, or goes to San Francisco and tries to marry Janet, or something.

[To the tune of David Bowie, “Wild Is the Wind,” from the album Station to Station.]

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  1. I like your “to the tune of” feature. Here’s a thought (something I was doing on my blog for a while)… For all but the most obscure songs, you can link to a snippet of them at some of the music stores (without making people go to the stores themselves, which they probably wouldn’t appreciate — just give the direct link to the .wmv file).

    Meanwhile… Click my name for my pet peeve about Talking Points Memo.

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