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Speaking at Hayward next week

It looks like I’ll be giving a talk at Cal State Hayward next week on emerging technology and the future of new media. Hayward has a graduate program in multimedia, and a speaker series that brings some pretty notable people in to talk about their work and experiences; and now that all of them have already visisted, they’ve asked me.

It should be an interesting time. My years at Britannica provided grist for several articles about technology and new media (an overview piece on how electronic publishing changed encyclopedias; a case study of timeline development; a broader piece on hypertext theories), and I’ve been doing a lot at work on how emerging technologies will affect the ways we use computers. So this will be a chance to put those two interests together, and think about how those new technologies, use practices and contexts will redefine the challenges multimedia creators will face.

I also have a personal connection to Hayward. My father taught there when I was a child, and my mother went there, so I have some very fuzzy memories of it from when I was four or five. (Since that would have been 1968-69, I’m sure the place has changed a lot!) For years I’ve kept meaning to get over there, just to see what it’s like now, and never have.

Of course, this is the day I pick up the children from day care and nursery school, so after discharging my parental duties I’ll have just enough time to rush over there, find the classroom, and not see any of the campus.

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  1. when and where is your talk?

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