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Ever wished there was more time in the day?

Well, this is the kind of innovative thinking-outside-the-box (or in this case, off the planet) that distinguishes the true entrepreneur. According to Techtribes, computer company Roku has moved to Mars time, giving it an extra 39 minutes in each day. “While the competition sleeps, Roku rocks!,” said Anthony Wood, Roku founder and CEO….

A second thing also distinguishes this as a savvy entrepreneurial move:

Roku has filed for a “business process patent” to protect its intellectual property in this important strategic area.

Such patents, like Amazon’s “one-click buy” patent, are known in the industry as effective tools to combat blatant idea stealing. When asked if NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover team is in violation of this patent, Roku’s CEO and founder would only say “Our intellectual property in this area is clear…. We hope NASA will ‘do the right thing.’ Roku plans to vigorously assert its intellectual property rights using all avenues afforded to it by the U.S. Federal Government and Court System.”

[To the tune of Allman Brothers Band, “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More,” from the album The Allman Brothers-A Decade Of Hits 1969 – 1979.]


  1. Okay, that’s IT. You’ve got to stop manipulating your iTunes logs. This one has a song about time, the fingertip-salad one has “Pour Some Sugar on Me”…it’s getting a bit sick. Third’s the charm.


  2. Okay, okay. I was just checking to make sure someone was out there reading!

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