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Getting cold

It’s about this time of night that I start to get cold: my body really expects to be in bed, under the covers, and can’t deal with the fact that I’m still sitting at my improvised desk (a chair with a file box on it, with my computer on top– it’s the only way I can be in the living room and have my phone cord reach).

Fortunately, except for a brief episode when Daniel woke up, I’ve not had to deal with children tonight, and have been able to concentrate. My one big worry when I have to stay up late and work is that it’ll be torpedoed by requests for extra blankets and trips to the bathroom. But so far, the night is all mine.

In a sick way, I enjoy doing this. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, the geeky version of reliving one’s wild youth of all-nighters and grant applications.

Wooo hooo….

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  1. I thought the late-night get-cold thing was just me! Nice to know others have experienced it.
    TITLE: Testimony
    BLOG NAME: Three-Toed Sloth
    DATE: 03/31/2004 06:30:50 AM
    Alex Pang blogs the only-too-familiar process of meeting a long-shot grant deadline. It’s the cold that gets to me, speaking personally….

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