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Greetings from the Bay Leaf

I’m at the Bay Leaf Cafe, a charming little place in downtown Palo Alto, having a little chai and doing some writing. (I wonder if they’d comp me if I told them I was mentioning them in my blog? Heck, they’d probably charge me double.)

Bay Leaf is a small adobe building that used to be a Double Rainbow ice cream parlor; it’s definitely gone upscale and organic, and is now a kind of California version of New Puritan.

I’ve not been posting much because I’m intensely busy these days, trying to finish an NSF grant proposal, start a new writing project, and keep up with my normal working duties. Hence the sporadic attention to the blog.

However, in these bits of in-between time– I just had lunch with a couple people from UCSC, and shortly will go get Elizabeth– I try to do a little work. It’s a very Japanese kind of thing: part of the reason complex devices proliferate there is that most Japanese have lots of little bits of time– five minutes waiting for the bus, a few more waiting for the train– that need to be filled somehow, but can’t be filled with really complex activities. My day is turning out like that.


  1. Double Rainbow is gone? Darn it, I liked that place. Though now that I think about it, I tended to go to Classico Gelato instead… But still, it was a good place. All we seem to have around here is Baskin-Robbins (still good) and Coldstone Cremery (blech).

  2. Bay Leaf Cafe

    June 2, 2004 at 3:46 pm

    i’m glad that you like our charming little
    place and that you found your car. i shall try
    your trick next time i exceed my parking time
    limit. we might charge you double, it depends
    on what you mean by “kind of California version
    of New Puritan.”

  3. “New Puritan” is a movement to cook with fresh, preferably local, ingredients. It’s a good thing.

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