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I want an iBook

This morning several people at Barrone had new iBooks.

Since I can’t have a personal jet pack, I’m putting a stake in the ground: I’ll trade all other prospective birthday, Christmas, Independence Day, etc. presents for one (1) iBook.

And it doesn’t even have to be one of the really big ones: the 12-inch would suit me just fine. With one of those iSight cameras.

Time to beat the bushes for some freelancing….

[To the tune of Parliament, “Flash Light,” from the album The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Parliament.]


  1. Alex, I type this on a Powerbook G4 12″. It feels great! Just wanted to fuel your techno-lust a bit 🙂

    Myself, I am beginning to realise that I really need a Leica M6 (or, possibly, an M4-2).

  2. Oh, yes. The iBooks are lovely. I have the 12″ G4-version. White, slender and silent. I love it. Of course, a high-end powerbook would be even better, but I really enjoy the overall feel of the iBook. And how about that cute little glowing apple on the back of the screen? Awww… 🙂

  3. The titanium (or is it just aluminum?) cover of the Powerbook is very sleek, but I don’t see enough difference under the hood between the Powerbook and iBook (the models that I might in some possible universe think of buying) to want the more expensive model.

    At least my techno-lust is moderated by some sense of proportion.

    Though I still miss the curviness of the original iBooks. They were really onto something excellent there. A blobject at its best.

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