Has anyone written– or tried to write– something on the comment field in programs as a site of secret literary production? This BBC article makes me wonder if it would be worth undertaking.

E-mail users caught in virus feud

A war of words is breaking out between the creators of the Netsky, Bagle and MyDoom Windows worms.

The malicious programs’ creators are putting taunts and insults in successive variants of their viruses.

The spat began because Bagle’s creators are jealous of all the media attention that the Netsky virus is getting….

Anti-virus firms discovered the insults inside the viruses when they were being taken apart to find out how they differed from earlier versions of these malicious programs.

Inside Bagle.J, along with a string of profanity, is a message reading: “don’t ruine (sic) our bussiness, wanna start a war?”

The response to this seems to be inside Netsky.F, released the day after Bagle.J, which contains a message reading: “Bagle – you are a looser!!!! (sic)”.

This worm also attempts to remove any versions of Bagle it finds on a PC.

Other messages in other variants pour scorn on the different tricks the virus writers use to help their creations spread.

[To the tune of Sting, “Sacred Love,” from the album Sacred Love.]