My daughter’s dance teacher is always listening to Vienna Teng when I drop off Elizabeth for her lessons; after several weeks of hearing bits and pieces, I bought two of her CDs through iTunes.

She’s very interesting– a case study in what happens when you can grow up with Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan as musical role models. Teng certainly doesn’t lack for either talent or ambition: she has a very subtle melodic sense, and a good feel for lyrics. She occasionally gets a little too showy (most of her work is fairly reserved– there’s nothing as exuberant as Jessica Andrews’ “Now”), or defaults to a Tori Amos-like pose (most notably in “Passage,” from Warm Strangers); but even still, it’s the kind of music that you listen to and think, a couple years from now she’s going to do something extraordinary. All she needs is time.