NORTHERN KENTUCKY CINCINNATI AIRPORT– I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight to board. Once again, I’m bereft of Wifi, though I found a Peet’s, and one medium latte with a shot of sugar-free vanilla later, am feeling more like I’ve found civilization.

Fortunately the snow turned out to be decorative, but nothing else. By the time I headed back to the airport, it had all melted on the roads, but was still on the trees and buildings. And it looks like whatever problems were caused to flight schedules have worked themselves out by now: my flight is supposed to be on time.

Cincinnati looks like an interesting place. I didn’t see much of it– I spent most of my time in the hotel or with the client, and the cab was going kind of fast– but the landscape rather reminds me of Pennsylvania, with lots of small rolling hills and trees. Cincinnati’s got a lot of older house stock, which looks like a mix of Philadelphia row houses– two stories, very little decoration, and a gently sloping roof that lets the rain run off into the garden– and the kinds of detached single-family houses you see in Chicago. And there are some really cool nineteenth-century industrial buildings, those giant factories in dark red brick with bits of Gothic attached to the entrance and front office.

But I’m glad to be going home.