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So close and yet so far

Some birds are building a nest in the honeysuckle outside our kitchen door.

This means two things. First, whenever we open the door, we have to wait a second for a small explosion of angry birds to take off for the nearest tree.

Second, the cats are going nuts. It’s almost like the Far Side cartoon where the cat is pressed up against the window, watching trucks from “Bob’s Small Flightless Birds” and “Acme Mice Delivery” collide outside.

Tennison in particular is agog, and is spending a lot of her time on the table nearest the nest. However, every few minutes she dashes off, usually taking something down with her. I suspect she and one of the birds are locked in a battle wills.


  1. Hi,

    As author of Darwin’s Blind Spot, I appreciate any positive feedback. I’ve moved on with several of the concepts in the book and have written two concise summary articles that might be helpful. I’m currently lecturing around the UK on the subject of “the creative genome”.

    Best wishes,


  2. Glad you found the blog!

    It is an excellent book: I can’t look at anything without seeing some kind of symbiotic activity, and wondering whether it should be classified as endosymbiotic, exosymbiotic, etc….

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