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The difference between men and women

So the new MasterCard commercial, featuring clips from “The Three Stooges,” came on the TV this evening. Within seconds, I was laughing. By the end of the commercial, my sides hurt, and tears were streaming down my cheeks.

Heather, meanwhile, is looking at it, and then at me, and shrugging her shoulders? What? What? Why is this funny? Why does ANYONE think this is funny?

The humor of “The Three Stooges” may be the most perfect example of tacit knowledge in existence.


  1. Women like Heather who take shit too seriously make me nauseated.

    I’m a woman. I seriously laugh my ass off at the Stooges. They are my heroes. I even went grave hunting for them when I went to LA last year. I’ve loved them ever since I was a wee brat on my father’s knee, both of us laughing hysterically.

  2. Thanks for insulting my wife, Julia.

    I wonder what Miss Manners would say about leaving insulting comments on a blog? It strikes me that it violates the rules of etiquette– like accepting an invitation to dinner at someone’s house and then insulting the host.

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