So now dangerous liberal politicians are using secret Web sites to get money.

GOP criticizes Democratic House candidate’s Internet fund-raising

Republicans have accused Democratic U.S. House candidate Stephanie Herseth of maintaining a secret Web page to receive campaign donations raised from ads on liberal groups’ Internet sites….

Jason Glodt, executive director of the South Dakota Republican Party, said the Herseth campaign arranged the special Internet donation site to prevent most South Dakotans from knowing about Herseth’s relationship with such liberal groups.

The Herseth Web page takes campaign donations from people directed there from Internet sites called “blogs,” which are online bulletin boards that feature journals, opinionated articles and messages.

“There’s a reason she’s got that secret site. She doesn’t want to advertise the fact she’s doing this,” Glodt said Thursday…. “Anybody can look at these blogs and the content, and realize the values they are promoting are completely contradictory to the South Dakota values she purports to represent.”…

The supposedly secret Web site is one of the first results when an Internet user does a standard search for the terms “blog” and “Herseth” on the Google search engine. [Ed: It was #7 when I checked this morning– behind two NRCC pages that attack her!]

So… it’s a secret site… which you access through these things called blogs (is that a Russian word, or French?),,, which “anybody can look at.”

And what’s this Google thing? Is that some kind of secret technology?

[via TPM