I spent the morning at Cafe Barrone, one of my favorite places in the universe. It’s got great coffee and tea, and is a convenient distance between home and work (and lots of other things besides). But it’s also got a crowd of people who I’ve come to recognize as fellow regulars, and despite the fact that I got to Barrone to work– indeed, to caffienate myself into an elusive, hyper-alert create state akin to that sought by William Hurt in Altered States— I find I like working in the presence of familiar faces.

But, the big discovery: the public library across the street now has wifi.

This has tremendous implications for my working life. I may never need to go into the office again, but instead can circulate between the library, Barrone, and a handful of other places in downtown Menlo Park, like the London investors and savants in Quicksilver who circulate between cafe, bourse, and public square. With a stop at Trader Joe’s to pick up lunch.

Mmmm, public wifi. There’s nothing like it.