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At home

I’m working at home today, as my daughter is feeling under the weather. We took a trip down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday, and I think we overdid it a bit. That’s my hope anyway, as the alternative is that she’s coming down with my case of strep.

Being at home wouldn’t be much of an issue, except my Internet connection absolutely sucks today. I can tune out Playhouse Disney, and have pretty much everything I need to work here– except my dialup connection shuts down after a few minutes, and is connecting at anywhere between 14.4 and 28.8. I didn’t even know that 14.4 modems even EXISTED any longer….


  1. Hope she is doing better — take a 5 minute break, and call SBC and bug them about bringing DSL to our area.

  2. Hope your daughter gets better.

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