I spent part of the morning working on some freelance stuff, my anonymous columnist/blogging gig. I discovered something interesting: I’m writing these things in Microsoft Word, and find that after many years, I write differently in Word than I do online.

Give me a blank Word document, and I want to fill it with long paragraphs, dense footnotes, and lengthy arguments. There’s no sentence that can’t be improved with a parenthetical or two. Sprinkle in some brackets and a semicolon, and I’m done.

Open up Ecto, on the other hand, and my instinct is to keep it short. Write to the point, as it were. Less E. P. Thompson, more Hunter S. Thompson.

I suspect that as this gig goes on, I’ll find a way to shift to actually writing the entries in a blog editor, copying the Web site’s style sheet my hard drive, and doing realistic-looking previews.

Interesting how easily we fall into certain habits with technologies, and develop completely different styles using different tools in essentially the same medium.

[To the tune of Oleta Adams, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” from the album Two Rooms – Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin.]