When you have some broadband access, go look at the Infrastructure Mapping Project.

The Infrastructure Mapping Project’s goal is to provide meaningful analysis of critical infrastructure and its interdependencies with vital sectors of the US and global economy. In this pursuit we map a wide variety of networks and phenomena ranging from the Internet the power grid and spam. The approaches to mapping cover a wide variety of methodologies both spatial and topologic. Of the work thus far three project three have become cohesive products — physical infrastructure mapping, cybersecurity simulation and diversity as defense (aka predator prey).

One of the main players in this project is Sean Gorman, whose Ph.D. thesis was at one time in danger of being classified. (Though I’m sure that when his dissertation advisor called the thesis “tedious and unimportant,” they meant it in the worst possible way.)

The gallery is extremely cool.

[To the tune of Louis Armstrong, “St. Louis Blues,” from the album The Jazz Collector Edition.]

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