Via AkuAku, I just found this report by John Perry Barlow on “The State of the Counterculture 2004.” Some choice bits, slightly remixed (as you can see from the ellipses– once an editor, always an editor):

Governor Schwartzenegger…. Say it aloud several times. Who needs drugs to feel like they’re hallucinating?… [M]y childlike faith in democracy was seriously challenged when California voters turned out in record numbers and elected an action figure as their new leader. What were they thinking?… I mean, seriously folks, this is a man who owns 9 Humvees and thinks he’s an environmentalist.

If someone like Karl Rove had wanted to neutralize the most creative, intelligent, and passionate members of his opposition, he’d have a hard time coming up with a better tool than Burning Man…. Burning Man strikes me as only one of many reality distortion fields within which the counter-culture, myself totally included, has sought self-ghettoizing refuge….

The man has a way with words.

[To the tune of The Rolling Stones, “Sympathy For The Devil,” from the album Forty Licks (Disc 1).]