The Web connection at work broke down, so I went down Sand Hill Road to the Menlo Park Library, which has a pretty reliable, and free, WiFi connection. I’ve now discovered that the connection reaches out into a little courtyard, which has a nice maple tree shading a cafe table. I may never return to the office.

Interesting how much of one’s working life can take place in highly specific places. Obviously this applies to one’s desk or office, but a favorite cafe table, a certain park bench, a specific seat in the library: they all add up to a very personal network of spaces. I did most of the revisions to my eclipse expeditions book at two or three tables at Cafe Milano in Berkeley. They all were near electrical outlets, which I needed in order the plug in my computer. (The end of the mezzanine at Milano is like the tapers’ section at a Dead show: it’s where you go for power.) Now, of course, wireless access is one of the key factors influencing the attractiveness of a work space.