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New version of iTunes

Apple released a new version of iTunes. The most interesting new feature is its ability to share playlists: users can now upload copies of their playlists, and other people can view them. Rendevous permitted Mac users to view each other’s playlists; in the wrong (or overly critical) hands, it led to people crafting playlists to make themselves look cool.

Since my musical tastes are either A) a self-parody, B) frozen in the amber of my high school days (why have I managed to escape every other aspect of my adolescence, but still feel a frisson at the opening bars of “More Than a Feeling”?), or C) totally obscure, I have little hope of scoring social points from using the feature. Still, I uploaded a few playlists to see what it was like.

The first I noticed is that it’s very easy to do, but unlike the lists on Amazon, you can’t tell who put together a playlist: they remain anonymous. The second is that if you have songs that aren’t available through iTunes, they get deleted from the public version of your list (but not the one on your own machine). I’m not sure how the playlists will connect to the rest of iTunes– e.g., whether lists containing songs I’m searching for will appear with my search results. I’m sure it’ll become clear over time.

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  1. I noticed, when looking at the iTunes website, that you can create a custom RSS feed to keep you apprised of new releases in your preferred genre(s). When I created one and plugged the URI into NetNewsWire (RSS reader) it gave me a nice list of entries with pretty pictures.

    What I found interesting was that when clicking a link to the details of the album I was taken to iTunes and the Music Store section, not Safari!

    Will ‘iMix’ playlists also be syndicated? We shall see…

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