My wife is leading a school field trip this week, so I’m holding down the fort with the kids. So far, things are going reasonable well: I’ve got very helpful (just in case they’re reading!) in-laws who live a couple miles away, and the children themselves are pretty adaptable.

The one time that’s a logistical nightmare is bedtime. Both children normally go to bed at the same time; each has their own room; and each is used to having a parent in the room while they fall asleep. The ideal solution would be for me to be in two places at once; since that’s impossible, all alternatives are 1) deeply non-ideal, and 2) subject to the whims of the under-5 crowd, who may decide at the drop of a hat that an arrangement is suddenly completely unacceptable and Must Be CHANGED NOW!

It hasn’t been terribly convenient the last couple nights, but after it’s all done and I have the house to myself (and can make their lunches, clean up, and sit down to some of my own work) I do feel like it’s a small but significant thing to get them to sleep– and more broadly, to construct a secure enough life for them to make it possible for them to sleep as soundly as they do… once they finally stop fighting the power and give in to the inevitability of the late hour.