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One word: password protection

The BBC asks, “Do babyblogs violate children’s privacy?”

It is easier than ever before to post family snaps online, and an ideal way for grandparents and friends to stay in touch. But is it fair on the children involved?

With the rise of weblogs and public journals, some of today’s children are having their young lives publicly documented in a way that few other children have ever experienced.

So-called babyblogs have sprung up on the web detailing every last moment of a child’s life, from the minute it’s born. For friends and family far away, sites like these can be a superb way of keeping in touch.

But if, in the future, a prospective partner, friend or employer should type the child’s name into Google, will they appreciate having so much of their childhood documented for all to read?

What about password protection and meta tags to keep bots away?

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  1. I think you have covered most of the points here. A child’s privacy is important and its up to the parent to preserve it. To aviod people doing a seach on your child, simply don’t submit the webpage to any search engine, so only people who knows the url will find it, to provide extra insurance, you should add a password like you suggested.

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