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Staying at home

As per doctor’s orders, I’m staying at home today, but thanks to IM, e-mail, etc., I’m about as wired in as I do at work. But no one’s tried to contact me with urgent business. Oh well, I’ll go read Slate.


  1. Hey, don’t you have a conference to go to? Hope you’re back in the saddle soon.

    btw, I tried commenting on future now, but it didn’t allow me to comment. Guess I’m on your blacklist? 😉

  2. Fortunately, Zithromax is working wonders, and I plan to be at the conference tomorrow. (Tonight is the dinner and Paul’s talk, which I hate to miss, but for the sake of my health, am going to do so.)

    I think Future Now might require an e-mail address… unless I accidentally put your IP address on the banned list. I now spend several hours a week deleting comment spam from the site.

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