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The Future

As I mentioned a couple times before, I have a new gig writing a blog for a magazine. Thanks to a change in editorial policy, I can actually say something about it. Just in time, because it launches tomorrow.

It’s for Red Herring, and after a great deal of back and forth about the title, is going to be called “The Future.” You’ll need to register with the site to read the blog, but registration is free. Here’s a piece of the editor’s note:

The future is an obsession. The future is an attraction. The future is an invention.

Or so the future seems through the prism of the world of business technology, where predicting the next big thing is a central activity for everyone from investors to technologists to evangelists.

How to think about the future is probably the most important variable in, well, evaluating the prospects of different technologies, markets, and entrepreneurs. To help guide us through the many possible ways of inventing the future, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang will be writing a new series, aptly called “The Future,” for Red Herring.

Essentially, it’s as much about how to think about the future— which for me is the same thing as how to think about technology– as the future itself.

I think it’s going to be an immense amount of fun. Certainly it’s a creative stretch for me, and an opportunity to muse in a new way about things that I already think a lot about.

Here’s the first of what I hope will be many posts.


  1. _Great_ gig. Congrats!

  2. Thanks– I hope it works out, and people like it. It’s a bit more informal than what Red Herring usually publishes, which will either work in its favor or against, or possibly both.

  3. Cool! But it doesn’t *look* much like a blog; in fact your editor calls it a column. Are you going to be integrated into the main Herring blog?

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