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Extreme Measures

The first, and probably last time, I’ll be linked in print (okay, not print, but you know what I mean), to the great rock band X.

[To the tune of Led Zeppelin, “Dancing Days,” from the album Box Set (Disc 3).]


  1. And how would Penn feel about you being identified as a “Stanford grad”?

  2. Well, so long as my dad (who went to Berkeley) doesn’t see it….

  3. Ok, well, sorry about the mistake; Stanford caught my eye and i was on deadline, but if it must be Penn, then so shall it be. Besides, your name was linked to the still incredible rock band X. Which counts for almost everything, sometimes. TT

  4. No problem. It’s hardly a dishonor to be associated with Stanford. And indeed, the link to X is what matters!

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