Today I went down to Santa Clara U. to hear a talk on “The Knowledge Society.” Of course, this is a subject that interests me greatly, and despite the fact that I’ve built up an allergy toward trendy Continental (okay, French) academics (though Latour can be okay), I went. What a waste of time.

Academic talks are a bit like Internet porn. You keep getting promised that the next one is going to be really different and great, only to find it’s just like the stuff you’ve seen before. I speak theoretically, of course.

Still, it was nice to see my friends down there. And SCU, somewhat improbably, is poised to become a serious center for STS: Geoff Bowker and Susan Leigh Star are joining the faculty next year (he’s going to be executive director of the university’s Center for STS), and John Staudemier will be visiting. It’ll be interesting to see what happens down there in the next few years.