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Making things visible

On the left-hand column I’ve added “Recent Comments.” This is something I meant to do a while ago, and just got around to it.

It’s only been up for about a day, but it’s had an interesting effect: it makes it a lot easier for me to see comments, to get to the pages where comments have been left, and to reply to them. In Typepad edit mode, you can see comments that have been added, you can edit and delete them, but you can’t write your own comments. Having comments linkable from the front page makes it a lot easier to react to them.

A simple, but illustrative, example of how making phenomena visible can change your behavior.


  1. Yes! I love this system. I used to hate trying to remember how many comments had been made on previous posts, and endlessly clicking to see if there were new ones. Now I just refresh and look at the margin. Yay!

  2. Like I’m doing now!

    It really is a cool feature. The social software equivalent of having a clock, so you can tell what time it is.

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