I just ran across this exciting announcement:

Today the MIT Media Lab announced the “Things that Fink” research consortium, a ground-breaking joint academic/industry/government venture to explore the benefits of ubiquitous surveillance in the public and private sectors.

The “Things that Fink” consortium is an extension of the Media Lab’s successful “Things that Think” (TTT) research consortium, with an emphasis on RFID, data mining, sensor networks, biometrics, and behavior modeling technologies….

“The success of the CAPS II passenger profiling system, and the
successors to the TIA (Total Information Awareness) project, depend
heavily on the active cooperation of the private sector in the
aggregation of personal financial, travel, and other data,” said one
Media Lab researcher. “Fortunately, privacy invasion has significant
economic benefits for our sponsors.”

Of course, it’s an April Fool’s joke. Still. Ouch.