I’m up late tonight, working on my conference presentation for Thursday, and doing some work on my article on using STS to think about pervasive computing. I recently realized (duh!) that futurists could adopt a focus on practices for the same reasons that historians of science and technology have, and get the same payoffs; so I’ve been working on integrating that idea into the piece.

The conference promises to be a lot of work, but rewarding. We’ve got MORE people than we expected, which is a very pleasant change from the last couple years. The business seems to be coming back, but s.. l … o… w… l… y…, and while we still have fewer clients than we did before the bubble burst, the level of interest in our work is growing. So having lots of people there will be gratifying.

However, the thing I really enjoy about our conferences is the intensity of the collaboration that goes into them. As an academic one rarely has the chance to work very closely with a group of people on writing and presentations, but at the Institute it’s rare to work alone on such things. In particular, every conference is a collective enterprise, and (especially after the isolation of scholarship) I find that very satisfying.

But it means I’m up late tonight.