Every traveller acquires a lot of weird, but useful, information about places they visit– everything from what public places have clean bathrooms, to where to get good dim sum after midnight. It’s a great example of private knowledge that could be quite useful if it is made public– and is, in the form of helpful hints from friends and fellow travellers. I recently came across a site that tries to digitize the phenomenon: World66:

World66 is a collaborative project to create an open content travel guide. This means that virtually anyone can edit our articles.

Essentially, it’s a travel wiki. I found it’s a little uneven– I created an “eating out” section for Philadelphia, a city with a lot of interesting restaurants, and incredibly, there are no restaurant or cafe listings for the San Francisco Bay Area– but it’s definitely the kind of project that will become more valuable as the number of contributors increases.

Now if I could only access it in real-space as well as real-time– look up its Washington DC restaurant listings when I’m there, and hungry– we’d really be getting somewhere.

[via Halavais]

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