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Ecto for Windows, again

There’s a new release of Ecto for Windows. Given how much I love the one for the Mac, I’m going to give it another try– I had serious problems using the earlier version, but I hope this one has got it together. More after I’ve run it around for a while…

[To the tune of Evanescence, “Taking Over Me,” from the album Fallen.]


  1. Are you a Win now? Weren’t you always a Mac? I’ve “always” been a Win and I remember telling you (via email) that I wasn’t particularly proud of that and that some aspects of identities are not chosen, but a chance events, etc. Anyway, I will have to check out this Ecto, so thanks for the hot tip.

  2. I have a Vaio notebook, which I use at work. The Mac is my own. But since I blog with both, I’ve been keen to find some blog tool for Windows that’s as good as what exists for the Mac.

    So far, as far as I’m concerned, the Mac’s blogging tools are still ahead of those in the Windows world.
    TITLE: ecto for Windows Blows
    BLOG NAME: NoSheep!
    DATE: 08/10/2005 06:58:38 PM
    I’ve been using ecto on my Mac at home and at the office. Recently I got Ken setup with a WordPress site, and put ecto on his desktop for managing his content. I assumed it would be as simple as on the Mac and he’d really like it. A few…

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