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Ecto on Windows

I’ve bought Ecto for Windows, though in my honest opinion it’s not nearly as nice as the Mac version. However, it’s better than most everything else out there.

It just confirms my conviction that when it comes to blogging applications, the Mac is seriously ahead. Apple has to figure out how to leverage that advantage. Not that they listen to me, or anything.

[To the tune of Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” from the album Night at the Opera.]

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  1. I am interested in hearing more about your opinions on improving the Windows version. Would you mind emailing me directly?
    TITLE: Apples and PCs
    BLOG NAME: Preoccupations
    DATE: 07/05/2004 01:50:19 AM
    Contemplating buying a new computer, I am increasingly drawn towards a PowerBook or even a G5 (my needs are less than straightforward: I use a ThinkPad most of the time) rather than a PC. What is it about Apples? I

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