If my productivity has taken a hit this week, it’s because I’ve been distracted by the unfolding– or unraveling– story of Jack Ryan, the first Tom Clancy character to run for Senate.

No, wait, this is a different Ryan. Anyway, he’s running for Senate in Illinois, and it was recently revealed that he tried to get his wife (actress Jeri Ryan, who played a Borg in one of the “Star Trek” series) to join him at various erotically-themed nightclubs. This is the same campaign that hired someone to stalk his opponent, Barack Obama.

Now, alas, word has it that Ryan has withdrawn.

Ironically, the real Jack Ryan– i.e., the fictional character– gets into politics after the VP resigns after allegations of– wait for it– sexual harrassment.

Life doesn’t always imitate art.

[To the tune of Devo, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” from the album Devo: Greatest Hits.]