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Glimpse of a dystopian world

This is the kind of thing that leads, slowly but inexorably, to a Soylent Green world….

RENT YOUR 3×3 foot SQUARE!!! $600

I am looking for 3 people (who will have separate shifts to share the space) to rent out my “space” in my apartment. It’s a 3×3’ foot square which includes a pillow and a bucket [ed: A bucket? Can anyone explain that?]. You do not have access to the apartment; however, I will allow you to walk from the door to your ‘area’ in a straight line. You’re ‘space’ will be outlined by NEON Duct-tape on the floor!

There are about 4 of these ‘squares’ in my apartment, Will go FAST, REPLY ASAP, to MOVE IN ASAP!


  1. That’s pretty funny. It would be funnier if we weren’t contemplating a move to NY.

  2. Er… I do hope you are kidding :). The bucket is presumably necessary if you have no access to the loft’s bathroom.

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