As my 400 MHz graphite iMac grinds away, trying to handle the fact that I’ve got Safari, Mail, iTunes, and Ecto all open at the same time, ignoring my attempts to switch between programs, I think for about the ten thousandth time since moving up to OS 10.3 (and especially since buying an iSight, which it turns out won’t do video with anything less than 600 MHz):

I want a new computer.

Not a great big one, just the 12″ Powerbook. I’ll be perfectly happy with that.

My birthday’s coming up. In… umm… September. Is it too early to mention that? And since I’m turning 40, getting the Powerbook would save me from having to buy the mid-life crisis sports car.

Maybe after I’ve finished just a couple more freelance pieces.

[To the tune of Seal, “Krazy (Non-Album Track),” from the album Crazy.]