I’m playing around with Kinja, a kind of blog aggregator. It’s a bit like an RSS aggregator, in that you give it a list of blogs you want to follow; but rather than pull in RSS feeds, in makes a page– essentially, a kind of metablog– with excerpts from the blogs you’ve told it to go look at.

I can see how this would be useful to people who don’t want to mess with the whole RSS thing, which I think is the intended audience for Kinja. But it could also be useful to people who write in several different blogs, and want a single page that pulls together all the stuff they’re putting out on disparate sites. In fact, I’ve made just such a page that draws from this site, Future Now, and my Red Herring column.

At the moment, it looks like it’s tagged all the posts on this blog as having been created in the last 15 minutes or so, so you don’t get to a post from RH or FN until page 2. But maybe that’s just a blip, rather than a problem with Kinja talking to TypePad.

[To the tune of David Bowie, “5:15 The Angels Have Gone,” from the album Heathen.]