The latest Trendwatching newsletter has a long piece on what they call “life caching,” which they define as “collecting, storing and displaying one’s entire life, for private use, or for friends, family, even the entire world to peruse.” Two elements in particular caught my eye, because they’re things I’ve been doing:

One of the lifelines of LIFE CACHING: from Malaysia to Hong Kong, key cord memory sticks and mini-MP3 players are the new Asian fashion accessory: with sticks storing up to 1 GB of content, consumers can (and do!) wear their entire ‘digital life files’ around their neck, from music to movies to documents to photos to presentations. It’s LIFE CACHING going mobile: with sticks, MP3 players and camera phones boasting increased storage capacities, functionality, and quality, consumers will soon be able to show, play and share their entire LIFE with whomever, wherever.
And last but not least, let’s not forget Apple’s mega-popular iPod: a new version in the works may contain up to 50 Gigabyte of storage space, which means even the biggest music fanatics will be able to forever build, store and carry their entire life collection of music (and soon video and data?), in a device the size of a pack of cigarettes. Next? Europe, where Apple’s iTunes music store recently launched in the UK, France and Germany. Now what if the iPod would turn into a camera phone with some help from, let’s say, Sony? Further integration with iLife, Apple’s ever expanding software suite for GENERATION C, also makes sense.

[To the tune of Stone Temple Pilots, “Interstate Love Song,” from the album Thank You.]