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Mmmm… Feedroll

A few months ago I was lamenting the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to get headlines from my Future Now site onto this site. Since then, several different services have sprung up to take RSS feed, turn it into Javascript, and let you display it on other blogs. A useful feature.

I’ve experimented with Feedroll, which sounds like a cross between RSS and a kind of sushi. The results are on the right. I might have to pare down my blogdex some; things are getting a little overgrown, and some stuff is probably out of date.

[To the tune of Grateful Dead, “Dancing in the Streets,” from the album Live: May 8 1977.]

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  1. Does feedroll allow you to show more than one feed on your blog for free? Whenever I try to put more than one feed on my blog it doesn’t work…

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