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New Terry Pratchett

I just finished the new Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky. One of the most greatest things my in-laws ever did was introduce me to Pratchett, which among my father-and sister-in-law is a minor obsession.

Pratchett is best-known for his Discworld series, a two dozen-or-so assortment of books that take place on (take a wild guess!) Discworld. It’s as well-realized a world as anything you’ll find in CS Lewis, Anne McCaffrey, Dan Simmons, or Tolkien, plus Pratchett is extremely funny. A Hat Full of Sky is one of several books he’s written for young adults, but they’re still characteristically Pratchett: smart, funny, and amazingly well-constructed.

Now back to the last 50 pages of The Confusion.


  1. If you’re as serious a Pratchett fan as you seem to be (I’ve never heard anyone refer to the Discworld milieu as “well-realized” before; I’m not disputing, just noting), you know this, but his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, Good Omens is one of my favorite humorous books of all time.

  2. Did I misspell it?

    And Good Omens is an excellent book, too. I confess I haven’t read the other Pratchett-Gaiman collaborations, or branched out to read Gaiman’s other work. I’m very slow with fiction, but I’ve got all these damn 1000 page-long Neil Stephenson books in the way.

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