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What Shrek character are you?

According to yet another one of those damn quizzes…


you are SHREK! you’re a bit antisocial, but once you get close to someone, they find out you’rea big sweetie!

what shrek character are you?
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[via not all that wander are lost]


  1. I’m the dragon! 🙂

  2. Well, if Brownie is like the donkey, that would make sense.

    NOW the question is, has Noel taken the test?

  3. I am PRINCESS FIONA! But since I have not seen the movie I have no idea if that makes sense.

  4. Well, since Shrek and Fiona get together in the end, I’d say it makes sense.

    And you’d rather have Cameron Diaz’s voice than Mike Myers’!

  5. Noel is Shrek too.
    And when he filled it how he guessed I would – I turned into Fiona.
    And we confirmed that Brownie is indeed Donkey.
    So I guess it all makes sense…

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