I’ve started spreading a small del.icio.us meme at work (http://del.icio.us/iftf is entirely my fault), and since then I’ve been thinking a little about how something like del.icio.us compares to bookmarks or favorites, versus things that you’d print out, etc etc..

I’m absolutely convinced that there’s a killer app that waiting to be developed that solves the “where did I read that [insert obscure fact here]?” problem– essentially a Google for EVERYTHING I read, and ONLY those things that I read (iRemember came close to this, but it hasn’t been ported to OS X). I think that a lot of us kludge together practices and technologies that do a little of this. Michael Sippey lays out a very interesting typology that explains how he decided to place things in one place versus another:

While I wait for the ultimate microcontent client, I find that I’m using several different “remembering” methodologies. And the decision re. which one to use is based on the interaction of privacy and context.

[via Dancing About Architecture]

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