At the end of this month my cell phone contract expires, and I’m thinking very seriously of switching. I had a lot of problems with the slowness of repairs to my current phone (why can’t we do repairs the way they do in Korea?), and so repair time will be an issue. (What I really want is a repair time that consists of, “So sorry your phone isn’t working. Here’s a new one,” but that’s not likely.)

The other big question is whether to go with a camera cell phone, or think about a Treo. I like the notion of both devices, but am not sure how much I’d actually use either one: my current camera works fine, and while I like my Sony Clie a lot, I don’t use it for writing nearly as much as I expected. But if anyone has really positive experiences with camera- or PDA-enabled phones, I’d be interested to hear of them.

[To the tune of Yoshinori Sunahara, “Swing the Clipper,” from the album PAN AM – The Sound of ’70s.]