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Leonardo’s Laptop

I don’t know how I got onto a kick or reading books with “Leonardo” in the title, but I’ve now started Ben Shneiderman’s Leonardo’s Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies.

For reasons I can’t quite figure out, I’m finding the Leonardo frame of reference– what kind of laptop would Leonardo want? What sort of software would he design?– more distracting that illuminating, but maybe I’m not far enough into the book yet.

The other thing is that Shneiderman’s ideas stand on their own perfectly well. He doesn’t need Leonardo to legitimate them.

[To the tune of Röyksopp, “Eple,” from the album Melody A.M. [US Bonus Disc] (1 of 2).]

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  1. I have started this book as well, and am having the same reaction: distraction by Leonardo.

    Maybe that is why I was distracted from the book by multiple others. Or maybe it was because my uber-mindtopic switched from HCI to community building in the past months.

    I hope you post further reactions to the book as you go through it.

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