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Tango with the AI

I’ve been on the iTunes music store today, listening to various recommendations that link off of things I’ve purchased recently. In the course of sampling this and that, I figured out one of the creatures in the “electronic” menagerie– a very large and diverse one– that interests me most: things like Astor Piazzolla Remixed, or Yoshiko Kishino’s absolutely addictive version of “Corcovado,” that mix jazz, Latin and electronic/ambient sounds. Not an intersection that a lot of people work in, but I’m finding it fascinating.

[To the tune of Projections, “Ballada Para Mi Muerte,” from the album Astor Piazzolla Remixed.]


  1. Have you heard anything by the Gotan Project? They’re one of my favorites right now, and they fit pretty solidly into this intersection…

  2. I’ve not heard of them. I’ll check them out!

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